Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Norfork Lake Fishing report by Lou of Hummingbird Hideaway Resort

Norfork Lake fishing continues in its hot summer fishing pattern. Most fish are deep and will continue to go deeper as the thermocline drops. To be quite honest, not much has changed since my report last week.  I am catching stripers before sunrise in 35 - 45 feet of water on long points and large flats. As the sun comes up they move off the side of the point into deeper water 70 + feet, but are still 30 - 45 feet down. Live bait, vertical jigging with a spoon and trolling swim baits are all working. Over the past week I have been fishing with my family and we have been having a lot of fun. Some big fish are biting. My 9 year old granddaughter landed a 20+ pound striper and my 12 year old granddaughter has caught several fish. Her biggest so far has been a 14 pound striper. It is a blast to watch these kids fight a striper on their own from start to finish. We're making some good memories.

The biggest change this week over last is for the largemouth and spotted bass. I, as well as a couple of my guests, have found some good top water fishing in the morning at sunrise and also at sunset. The other day I was fishing with my granddaughter and we were sitting in 70 feet of water off of a point where she was catching stripers. In the times between netting her fish, I was casting a Kastmaster into 25 feet of water. Almost every cast after the bait hit the water a bass hammered it. Some were keeper size, most were small, but still a lot of fun. The other location where my guests have gotten into top water fish is back in the major creeks in shallow water. Fish are chasing shad early, but even after you don't see them they are still coming up for a top water lure. Wiggle warts are also working very well most days.

Crappie fishing is in its normal hot water slow time, but there are some good crappie being caught.They are still under docks and you can also find them scattered along the deep water bluffs. Locate a ledge 20 - 30 feet down and they will be suspended along the ledge. Small swim baits as well as live minnows have caught some nice fish.

Norfork Lake water level is holding stable with minimal power generation and currently sits at 552.63. The surface water temperature is ranging from 87 - 92 degrees depending on the time of day. The main lake is clear and some creeks and coves are stained with others clearing. The lake is in great shape for all your summertime fun activities, not only fishing.

Happy fishing and see you on the lake.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Norfork Lake Fishing Report by Lou of Hummingbird Hideaway Resort


Norfork Lake fishing is in the beginning stage of the summer fishing pattern. Fish are starting to school, feeding in relatively shallow water before sunrise and then going out to deep water after the sun comes up.  As summer progresses the stripers will continue moving out  to deeper water and you will find them early 50 - 80 feet down on the bottom. As the sun comes up, they will stay at this depth, but will be suspended in the old deep river channels. The striper and hybrid bite has been good most days. I am finding these fish in 35 - 45 feet of water feeding on the bottom before sunrise off of main long shallow points. As the day progresses they tend to keep moving to deeper water, but stay at about the same depth. Live bait is working very well, but jigging with a spoon is starting to produce some nice stripers. Trollers are also having success as long as they can get their baits down to the proper depth. I am finding my stripers anywhere from the Robinson area to the dam. The striper fishing pattern is very typical to prior years with the exception of being several weeks early due to the lake warming up early this year.

Crappie fishing is also in the warm water stage. They are harder to find, but when you do you can catch some nice fish. Look part way back in creeks close to brush in 35 feet of water. The crappie will be 20 - 35 feet down. Jigs and live bait are both working.

Catfish are also biting very well some days. You will find them in the same locations as the stripers, as they are also following the shad. I have found some nice channel cats in about 34 feet of water while striper fishing. When you hook one they typically will not run like a striper, but instead are very difficult to get off the bottom as they keep digging straight down. Fun to catch.

Large mouth and spotted bass can be found along bluff lines in 20 - 35 feet of water. Look for ledges and good chunk rock points. Work jig and pigs or your favorite plastic bait along the bottom. The after dark bite in the evening is producing some very nice fish.

Norfork Lake level is hold fairly constant and currently sits at 552.73 feet above sea level. The surface water temperature is also holding constant and is in the mid 80's. The main lake is clear with the creeks and coves somewhat stained.

Happy fishing and see you on the lake.